I've always struggled with putting together the right looks, even though I have plenty of clothes. I selected the Refresh Package and DB worked with me to define my style and create a personalized lookbook for me - which gave me fabulous pieces to add to my wardrobe.

I also signed up for the Immersion package. DB came in and swiftly helped me cleanse all of the items in my closet that weren't quite right and she showed me several ways in which I could mix and match clothing I already had. Now, when I shop, I know the right 'guardrails' for my style (and body shape), so that I stop buying things I won't wear. I feel like a new, and much more stylish woman!

I knew she would understand my vision for the shoot, elevate it in a way that only Deb can, and execute flawlessly.

Your impression on others? It starts with what you're wearing and the confidence you show doing it. How you feel about yourself, is paramount. If you need help defining your personal style and bringing that to life, from your outfit to your work product, Debra will do it. And, the confidence and joy you will feel catalyzes great joy and transformation – personally & professionally!

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